Frosty 4

Nelories - Banana 7"ep


'Banana' 7"ep



Tracks: Banana, Emerald, Trampolene

Songs: Jun Kurihara

Recording: Tokyo, Japan


Sleeve photo: Akiko


Absolutely bubbly cutie Nelories were two high school girls at the time of this release. Jun with the accordion sings and writes songs, Kazumi plays her Gretsch. Also credited for this release is Yukari Hashimoto as a programmer. I think her keyboard added the jumpy joy of extra poppiness to this ep, especially on Trampolene, if you know what I mean. According to Wikipedia, Yukari is still in the industry, as a songwriter for anime and stuff, good on her.


The sleeve is my photo of a tray of jelly sweets, and the Japanese issue CD (on Por Supuesto) uses the same photo but in full colour, which makes more sense. Actually, you can still buy these sweets in Japan, not in supermarkets but at department store food floor. (The original photos will be filed in the Archive section eventually.)


There was an extra yellow print of the sleeve included in this single. That was actually the original print gone wrong: couldn't read the title when it's done. Sadness of non-computerized world but the joy of incompleteness that brings - priceless!:) We couldn't waste the faulty prints, so I cut them and enclosed the front half as an extra insert.


Now our claim to fame: we are in it! 

On the track Banana, we John and Akiko Sugarfrost are one of those contributors of the chant mellow yellow fellow nelories! But what we (and Jun de Nelorie herself) can't remember is the actual occasion to record it. Must be when we went to Japan for the Birth of the True tour. The last one is by the engineer Julian Wheatley.