Frosty 12

Evelyn Tremble - Kool-aid Blue 7"


'Kool-aid Blue' 7"single



Tracks: Kool-aid Blue / Catamite

Songs: EAT Oxley

Recording: Liverpool + Hull


Sleeve and short story: Martha Kim

in booklet sleeve


Little known fact about this unknown band from Hull is that they nearly became a Sarah band. But we put this out before they did. Well, sorry. 


This is Frosty 12 but I think it may have come out the last (after Frosty 15), due to the very unfortunate timing with LA earthquake of 1994, where this single was designed and pressed. I seem to remember it delayed by almost a year, and by that time, something has slowed us down. We faded quietly at uncannily similar time Sarah ended it all with a bang. 


Listening to Evelyn Tremble now, I was pleasantly surprised how fresh they sound. Kool-aid Blue at nearly 5 minutes is probably a little too long for a prefect pop song, but I do enjoy guitar solo and just the whole feeling of straight-forward freshness burst. Catamite is a darkness, but that rawness I like, and the vibrating cello sound. Eddie's vocal suits the mood. (He also wrote a short story for one of the booklet releases.)


This is their only release.