LIVINGSTONE DAISY - 33 Minutes Before the Light - CD album

Seeds Records, 2013


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+ booklet sleeve


This is a future classic!

The more you listen , the more you get to feel their music close to you, almost intimate. It feels special to me, hope it will do to you, too.


Video clip with excerpts from the album


From their press release:


Like how William Eggleston captured the scenes from dull everyday life of 1970s America, Livingstone Daisy recreate in their music the anti-climactic moments of unglamorous Japanese suburban life in 2010s. 


In 10 tracks, 33 minutes and 48 seconds, Livingstone Daisy create a world that’s not like any other.


Hideshi Hachino, the singer-songwriter of 1990s Japanese indie rock band B-flower, delivered poetic Japanese lyrics in his trademark almost fragile and gossamer vocal on top of the tunes written by Sakana Hosomi, who as Maju is renowned internationally for his ambient/electronica music style.


B-flower released their first single in 1990 on their own Seeds Records. Soon they were signed up by Toshiba EMI, and stayed with them until 1998. During this period, they also had a few UK releases on Liverpool’s Sugarfrost, which were highly praised by music papers especially for singing in Japanese.


Harvey Williams (Another Sunny Day, Field Mice) states B-flower’s “Stay Still” and “Strings” are two of his favourite indie singles ever,  “so brave & unexpected, simply extraordinary”. 



After releasing total of 8 albums, they disappeared in 2001, only to resurface as Livingstone Daisy in 2008. They are now back on their home label Seeds Records. “33 Minutes Before the Light” is their first album.