Fugu mentions Sugarfrost influence

Thank you Mehdi of Fugu for mentioning Sugarfrost influence on his 7 song list. The Cyrkle and Harpers Bizarre tracks here. (I wanted to share both posts but somehow couldn't. You can visit Mehdi Zannad's Facebook page, those posts are public.)


Yes, we did listen to a lot of our records when he stayed with us while recording his splendid debut single back in 1993. Harpers deserve re-visit every so often, and I still love The Cyrkle. In 1993 we were more and more into 60s music (pop, soul and soundtracks) and listening less and less of contemporary indiepop. That's probably why Sugarfrost style was so different from others.

Song #3, discovered on the same day in 1993 at Sugarfrost, it had a big effect too. Note the production similarities with early Cardigans.

Posted by Mehdi Zannad on Tuesday, 1 December 2015