Sugarfrost Project 2 Single will be by B-flower

B-flower "You are the One for Me"

7" single (Frosty 17)


We are happy to announce that we are releasing this B-flower single as our second Sugarfrost Project!

The single contains 2 superb songs: 'Junshin' and 'Boat'.

 'Junshin' is a brand new song.

Straight-forward love song, as usual sang in Japanese, is one of the most pure and pristine piece of music I've ever heard. Song starts with soft piano accompanied by beautiful strings (yes, real strings - what a luxury), then comes Hachino's ever-so-gentle vocal just grabs your heart...

We are so proud to be able to release this song.

I rather overuse the word 'beauty' when describing their songs, but if there is a better word, please send me a postcard.


If you are an old Sugarfrost fan you may recall 'Boat' as the title of unreleased B-flower LP, Frosty 14.

We kept the title as a homage to the lost album.

'Boat', Japanese title 'Fune', is a song originally released as a single in Japan back in 1993, as their first on Toshiba EMI. It was meant to be their big new beginning on a major label.


But something left them unsure about the recording, been there in the corner of their mind ever since.

So they put it right this time, after all this time.

The result is... don't let me use the b-word again!



The single is planned to be released in June, if all goes well.

Meanwhile, I strongly recommend digging into their other new recordings,

including just released on 24 February, April in Kyoto (iTunes link)